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Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology B.S.
Checkpoint charts display information about when you need to complete a specific requirement (either a single course or a choice among courses) in order to stay on track for four-year graduation. The charts represent the proper sequencing of course-taking to help you graduate in a timely way. They also show you which semesters a course is actually offered so that you can plan accordingly.

Please note: In some majors, not all major requirements are represented in the checkpoint chart. Consult your APAS report and your adviser to be sure that you complete all degree requirements.

Checkpoint Chart
Available icon  Potential term for fulfilling the requirement
Recommended icon  Recommended term for fulfilling the requirement
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Checkpoint requirements
Requirement definitions
Year 1 - Fall Year 1 - Spring Year 1 - Summer Year 2 - Fall Year 2 - Spring Year 2 - Summer Year 3 - Fall Year 3 - Spring Year 3 - Summer Year 4 - Fall Year 4 - Spring Year 4 - Summer
• General requirement checkpoints (complete all)                        
Freshman Composition Complete the freshman composition requirement. Earliest Latest                    
• Program requirement checkpoints (complete all)                        
Mathematical Thinking > Calculus (Take 1 or more course(s): MATH 1142, MATH 1271 ) first term last term recommended                    
Mathematical Thinking > Statistical Analysis (Take 1 or more course(s): FW 4001, ESPM 3012 )             first term recommended last term        
• Sub-plan 'Conservation Biology' requirement checkpoints (complete all)                        
Conservation Biology <No checkpoints marked>                        
• Sub-plan 'Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences' requirement checkpoints (complete all)                        
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences <No checkpoints marked>                        
• Sub-plan 'Wildlife' requirement checkpoints (complete all)                        
Wildlife <No checkpoints marked>                        
• Sub-plan 'Pre-Veterinary Medicine' requirement checkpoints (complete all)                        
Pre-Veterinary Medicine <No checkpoints marked>