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Program Sample Plan

Program name: Family Violence Prevention Minor
Sample Plan: Family Violence Prevention Sample Plan
Total Credits: 15.0
The sample plan below shows you one of several possible ways to complete this degree. Your academic plan may look different if you have already fulfilled some requirements, if you have multiple course options to choose from in your major, or if courses don't fit your schedule in a given term. Use Graduation Planner to make your customized plan, and work with your academic adviser to ensure that you are on track to graduate on time.
Year 1 - Fall Semester: 0 cr
Year 1 - Spring Semester: 0 cr
Year 2 - Fall Semester: 3.0 cr
SW 3701 - Introduction to Child Maltreatment: Intervention and Prevention : 3.0 cr
Year 2 - Spring Semester: 3.0 cr
AAS 3503 - Asian American Identities, Families, & Communities : 3.0 cr : SOCS, DSJ
Year 3 - Fall Semester: 3.0 cr
SW 3702 - Introduction to Adult Intimate Partner Violence: Intervention and Prevention : 3.0 cr
Year 3 - Spring Semester: 3.0 cr
AFRO 3125W - Black Visions of Liberation: Ella, Martin, Malcolm, and the Radical Transformation of U.S. Democracy : 3.0 cr : CIV, WI
Year 4 - Fall Semester: 0 cr
Year 4 - Spring Semester: 3.0 cr
SW 3703 - Gender Violence in Global Perspective : 3.0 cr