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Program Sample Plan

Program name: English B.A.
Sample Plan: English (general)
Total Credits: 120.0
The sample plan below shows you one of several possible ways to complete this degree. Your academic plan may look different if you have already fulfilled some requirements, if you have multiple course options to choose from in your major, or if courses don't fit your schedule in a given term. Use Graduation Planner to make your customized plan, and work with your academic adviser to ensure that you are on track to graduate on time.
Year 1 - Fall Semester: 14.0 cr
Language :5.0 cr
Freshman Composition :4.0 cr
LE (Biological Sciences) :4.0 cr
CLA 1001: First Year Experience 1.0 cr
Academic advisers recommend that you visit at least one professor during office hours each semester.
Year 1 - Spring Semester: 16.0 cr
Language :5.0 cr
LE (Physical Sciences) :4.0 cr
LE (Mathematical Thinking) :3.0 cr
CLA 1002: First Year Experience 1.0 cr
Recommend that students declare English major this semester.
Elective :3.0 cr
Year 2 - Fall Semester: 15.0 cr
Language :5.0 cr
ENGL 3001W - Textual Analysis: Methods : 4.0 cr : WI
ENGL 3010 - Studies In Poetry : 3.0 cr
LE (Environment) :3.0 cr
Recommend students use UM virtual library
Recommend students use Student Writing Center (
Year 2 - Spring Semester: 15.0 cr
Language :5.0 cr
ENGL 3007 - Shakespeare : 3.0 cr : LITR
ENGL 3741 - Literacy and American Cultural Diversity : 4.0 cr : DSJ, LITR
LE (Technology and Society) :3.0 cr
Recommend students plan for learning abroad (
Year 3 - Fall Semester: 17.0 cr
ENGL 3005W - Survey of American Literatures and Cultures I : 4.0 cr : LITR, DSJ, WI
Note: ENGL 3005W is one example of an Amer/British Surveys and Hist Lit course or English elective.
ENGL 3071 - The American Food Revolution in Literature and Television : 3.0 cr : CIV
ENGL 4711 - Introduction to Editing and Publishing : 4.0 cr
Elective :3.0 cr
Elective :3.0 cr
Recommend students plan for internships (
Recommend that students have internship or participate in study abroad.
Year 3 - Spring Semester: 14.0 cr
ENGL 3004W - Historical Survey of British Literatures II : 4.0 cr : HIS, WI
ENGL 4232 - American Drama by Writers of Color : 3.0 cr : DSJ
Elective :3.0 cr
Elective :4.0 cr
Year 4 - Fall Semester: 15.0 cr
Recommend that students have internship and/or plan for post-graduation.
LE (Arts/Humanities) :3.0 cr
LE (Social Sciences) :3.0 cr
Elective :3.0 cr
Elective :3.0 cr
Elective :3.0 cr
Recommend students complete an internship and begin post-graduation planning.
With advising approval students may take ENGL 3960W in this semester.
Year 4 - Spring Semester: 14.0 cr
Apply for admission to a spring semester section of ENGL/ENGW 3960W before October 30.
ENGL 3960W - Capstone Seminar in English : 4.0 cr : WI
LE (Global Perspectives) :3.0 cr
Elective :4.0 cr
Elective :3.0 cr
ENGL 3960W is possible for Year 4 Fall (apply by March 30th of Year 3 Spring).