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Civil Engineering M.S.

UMD-Civil Engineering, Dept of
Swenson College of Science and Engineering
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Contact Information
221 Swenson Civil Engineering, 1405 University Drive, Duluth, Minnesota, MN 55812 (218-726-6444; fax: 218-726-6445)
  • Program Type: Master's
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2016
  • Length of program in credits: 30
  • This program does not require summer semesters for timely completion.
  • Degree: Master of Science
Along with the program-specific requirements listed below, please read the General Information section of this website for requirements that apply to all major fields.
The Civil Engineering Department offers graduate degrees in civil engineering. The master of science (M.S.) in civil engineering is intended for students pursuing a research emphasis and seeking in-depth knowledge in an area within civil engineering. Undergraduate students who are planning to go to graduate school may apply for the Master of Science in Civil Engineering Integrated Undergraduate (MS IUG) Program for double count.
Program Delivery
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Prerequisites for Admission
The preferred undergraduate GPA for admittance to the program is 3.00.
Applicants must have earned a B.S. degree in engineering (e.g., civil, mechanical, chemical, environmental) or the sciences (e.g., chemistry, physics, mathematics).
Other requirements to be completed before admission:
For students from disciplines other than civil engineering, some remedial coursework may be needed. Students requiring a substantial amount of remedial coursework (e.g., more than 3 courses) may be recommended to complete a few courses prior to entry into the program, but for most students the additional coursework could be completed while a graduate student in the program. Students should consult with the CE director of graduate studies or a faculty member in their area of interest for a review and assessment of their academic background and coursework needs.
Special Application Requirements:
Applicants should submit the following supplemental materials with their application: -Applicant Statement Number 1 (Educational and Career Goals, limit one page) -Applicant Statement Number 2 (Statement of Purpose, limit one page) -Program form for Civil Engineering -CV or resume (list technical publications and conference presentations) -Unofficial transcripts -Two letters of recommendation (waived for current UMD CE undergraduate students) -Letters should be requested from persons familiar with the student's performance in an academic or non-academic (i.e. work) setting and who can comment on potential for success in graduate school. Preference is for recommenders from academia. -Recommenders should address the following points: (i) the capacity in which they know the student--as a teacher, research adviser, work supervisor, etc., and for how long; (ii) academic (or work) record and accomplishments; and (iii) their assessment of the student's ability to succeed in graduate-level coursework and research. -Letters of recommendation should be submitted online through the existing application. When recommenders use the online process, there is an optional student rating form. It is important that each recommender submit a narrative letter, regardless of whether or not they use the optional rating form. -While online recommendations are preferred, paper copies are acceptable. Paper copies should be directly mailed to the department in sealed envelopes. Applications are due December 15 for consideration for the following fall semester and March 31 for consideration for the following spring semester. Domestic applicants applying for a part-time study who do not require financial support are able to apply as late as March 15 for fall and September 12 for spring semester respectively, but are still encouraged to apply by the above mentioned CE deadlines.
Applicants must submit their test score(s) from the following:
  • GRE
International applicants must submit score(s) from one of the following tests:
    • Internet Based - Total Score: 79
    • Internet Based - Writing Score: 21
    • Internet Based - Reading Score: 19
    • Paper Based - Total Score: 550
    • Total Score: 6.5
    • Final score: 80
Key to test abbreviations (GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB).
For an online application or for more information about graduate education admissions, see the General Information section of this website.
Program Requirements
Plan A: Plan A requires 14 major credits, 6 credits outside the major, and 10 thesis credits. The final exam is oral.
Plan B: Plan B requires 24 major credits and 6 credits outside the major. The final exam is oral. A capstone project is required.
Capstone Project:Courses and a project are arranged by the student and department adviser.
This program may not be completed with a minor.
Use of 4xxx courses towards program requirements is not permitted.
A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for students to remain in good standing.
The M.S. Plan A is intended for students pursuing a research emphasis and seeking in-depth knowledge in an area within civil engineering. The M.S. requires completion of an original body of work resulting from research conducted by the student under the supervision of an advisory committee of graduate faculty members. The M.S. requires 20 credits of coursework and 10 thesis credits (approximately 375 hours of work including writing of the report), usually completed within two years. The M.S. Plan B is designed to provide additional training in civil engineering to prepare students for a higher level of engineering design work. The M.S. Plan B requires 24 credits of coursework and 6 credits for a project (approximately 225 hours of work, including writing of the report), usually completed within one to two years.
Required Civil Engineering (12 cr)
Selected CE 4xxx courses must be approved by the student's advisor and DGS.
Take 12 or more credit(s) from the following:
· CE 5xxx
· CE 8xxx
Engineering Courses outside of Civil Engineering (6 cr)
Selected 4xxx; 5xxx, 8xxx , must be approved by the student's advisor and DGS.
Take 6 or more credit(s) from the following:
Plan A or Plan B
Plan A
Students must take CE 8777 for a minimum of 10 credits.
CE 8777 - Thesis Credits: Master's (1.0-12.0 cr)
Non-Engineering graduate course (2 cr)
or Plan B
Six additional courses within Civil Engineering. Selected 4xxx; 5xxx, 8xxx, must be approved by the student's advisor.
Take 6 or more course(s) from the following:
Course Project within CE (3 cr)
CE 5xxx to be arranged by the Department Advisor and Student
Non-Engineering graduate course (3 cr)
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CE 8777 - Thesis Credits: Master's
Credits: 1.0 -12.0 [max 24.0]
Grading Basis: No Grade
Typically offered: Every Fall, Spring & Summer
Master's thesis credits. prereq: graduate student; max 12 cr per semester or summer, 10 cr total required (Plan A only)