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Family Education M.Ed.

Family Social Science
College of Education and Human Development
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Contact Information
Department of Family Social Science, 290 McNeal Hall, 1985 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108 (612-625-2705; fax: 612-625-4227)
  • Program Type: Master's
  • Requirements for this program are current for Spring 2021
  • Length of program in credits: 30
  • This program does not require summer semesters for timely completion.
  • Degree: Master of Education
Along with the program-specific requirements listed below, please read the General Information section of this website for requirements that apply to all major fields.
The Family Education MEd develops and strengthens professionals' competencies to work with individuals and families to enhance family life. This practitioner-based program, offered by the Department of Family Social Science (FSoS), prepares licensed teachers to further develop their knowledge and skills in the family education field, or non-licensed professionals to work with adults, youth, or children in a variety of settings. Students are prepared to be parent educators for positions in an early childhood family education (ECFE) program in Minnesota, as well as for family education positions in a variety of settings including health care, social service agencies, and religious settings in Minnesota and in other states and countries. Diversity and cultural responsiveness are integrated throughout coursework, student teaching, and observation experiences.
Program Delivery
  • completely online (all program coursework can be completed online)
  • primarily online (at least 80% of the instruction for the program is online with short, intensive periods of face-to-face coursework)
Prerequisites for Admission
A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in family studies, child psychology, early childhood education, nutrition, or related fields. A 2.80 overall GPA in undergraduate work.
Special Application Requirements:
Application deadlines are March 1 and October 1. Apply Online at For program specific application details see International Students: Please note, this program is not offered full-time and therefore is not intended for international students needing a visa to study in the US.
International applicants must submit score(s) from one of the following tests:
    • Internet Based - Total Score: 79
    • Internet Based - Writing Score: 21
    • Internet Based - Reading Score: 19
    • Paper Based - Total Score: 550
    • Total Score: 6.5
    • Final score: 80
The preferred English language test is Test of English as Foreign Language.
Key to test abbreviations (TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB).
For an online application or for more information about graduate education admissions, see the General Information section of this website.
Program Requirements
Plan C: Plan C requires 30 major credits and 0 credits outside the major. There is no final exam.
This program may be completed with a minor.
Use of 4xxx courses toward program requirements is permitted under certain conditions with adviser approval.
A minimum GPA of 2.80 is required for students to remain in good standing.
Required Coursework (15 credits)
Take the following courses:
FSOS 5937 - Parent-Child Interaction (3.0 cr)
FSOS 5942 - Diverse Family Experiences (3.0 cr)
FSOS 5944 - Curricular Design in Parent Education (3.0 cr)
FSOS 5945 - Teaching and Learning in Parent Education (3.0 cr)
FSOS 5946 - Assessment and Evaluation in Parent Education (3.0 cr)
Supporting Focus (15 credits)
Fifteen credits selected from existing UMN courses in consultation with studentís academic adviser to create a supporting focus which will support development of career goals. Examples may include courses in family social science, child development, education, public health, addiction studies, policy development, program evaluation, prevention science, etc.
Classroom Experiece
Professionals seeking additional classroom experience are recommended to take the following course:
FSOS 5949 - Student Teaching in Parent Education (3.0 cr)
Program Sub-plans
A sub-plan is not required for this program.
Students may not complete the program with more than one sub-plan.
Parent Education Teaching License
Additional requirements and credits may be required to be recommended for licensure. Required licensure coursework is subject to change. Please visit for the most up to date requirements and coursework. The University of Minnesota does not award licensure. The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) determines licensure for the state of Minnesota in the areas of teacher education and related services.
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FSOS 5937 - Parent-Child Interaction
Credits: 3.0 [max 3.0]
Grading Basis: A-F only
Typically offered: Every Fall & Spring
In Parent-Child Interaction, we will examine the dynamic, reciprocal nature of parent-child interactions across the lifespan through multidisciplinary and diverse research, theories and practices. Emphasis will be given to the bidirectional impact of parent-child interactions on the parent-child relationship and on parents' and children's development within complex family, community, cultural and other socio-ecological contexts. Students will continue to reflect and grow in their understanding of the professional role and competencies of a parent educator and learning activities will focus on practical application to both personal lives and professional work with families.
FSOS 5942 - Diverse Family Experiences
Credits: 3.0 [max 2.0]
Grading Basis: A-F only
Typically offered: Every Fall & Spring
This course is a research-based in-depth look at family experiences from many diverse points of view. Students will examine diverse experiences of families and their relevance to parent education and to the professional development of parent educators. Research and theoretical knowledge are woven together with observation and personal reflection to create a strength-based approach to both families and professional development.
FSOS 5944 - Curricular Design in Parent Education
Credits: 3.0 [max 2.0]
Grading Basis: A-F only
Typically offered: Every Fall
Students will develop the skills to adapt and design curricular resources and teaching strategies for effective parent education with diverse families across multiple contexts. Students will develop competence in conducting needs assessment, identifying content, discerning teaching methods, and designing lesson plans. As they develop their own philosophy of practice, students will study the history and evolution of parent education in Minnesota and across the U.S. prereq: FSoS 5937 & FSoS 5942 or instr consent
FSOS 5945 - Teaching and Learning in Parent Education
Credits: 3.0 [max 2.0]
Grading Basis: A-F only
Typically offered: Every Fall
Students will examine adult, adolescent, and parent learning and development from the perspective of their relevance for parent education. Students will select, use, and reflect on group and individual parent education teaching strategies and facilitation processes designed to meet the needs of diverse populations of adult learners. Critical reflection, ethical practices, and other parent educator competencies related to teaching methods and processes will be addressed. Personal professional development will be facilitated through challenging assumptions and examining the knowledge and competencies required for parent educators. prereq: FSoS 5937 & FSoS 5942 or instr consent
FSOS 5946 - Assessment and Evaluation in Parent Education
Credits: 3.0 [max 2.0]
Grading Basis: A-F only
Typically offered: Every Spring
Students will be introduced to theory, terminology, issues, and approaches in assessment and evaluation. Students will apply this new material to the tasks of monitoring program performance, assessing program quality, and measuring parent learning and development. prereq: 5944 or instr consent
FSOS 5949 - Student Teaching in Parent Education
Credits: 3.0 [max 2.0]
Grading Basis: A-F only
Typically offered: Every Spring
Students will participate in mentored and supervised parent education practice designed to meet individual student needs and interests in parent education. The student teaching assignment is supplemented with online discussions and chats intended to provide students an opportunity to engage in discussion, reflection, and cooperative learning with regard to the practice of parent education. prereq: Application for student teaching; FSoS 5937, 5942, 5944 and 5945 or instr consent