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English as a Second Language M.A.

Writing Studies Department
College of Liberal Arts
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Contact Information
Department of Writing Studies, 214 NCCE 0093A, 315 Pillsbury Drive S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455 (612-626-4802; fax: 612-624-4579)
  • Students will no longer be accepted into this program after Fall 2014. Program requirements below are for current students only.
  • Students with an interest in English as a Second Language may be interested in the Master's in Curriculum and Instruction, Second Languages and Learning track with a specialization in English as a Second Language for Higher Education
  • Program Type: Master's
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2019
  • Length of program in credits: 32
  • This program does not require summer semesters for timely completion.
  • Degree: Master of Arts
Along with the program-specific requirements listed below, please read the General Information section of this website for requirements that apply to all major fields.
Note: Admission to the M.A. program in English as a Second Language (ESL) has been suspended and the program is in the process of being discontinued.
Program Delivery
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Prerequisites for Admission
The preferred undergraduate GPA for admittance to the program is 3.20.
International applicants must submit score(s) from one of the following tests:
    • Internet Based - Total Score: 100
    • Internet Based - Speaking Score: 25
Key to test abbreviations (TOEFL).
For an online application or for more information about graduate education admissions, see the General Information section of this website.
Program Requirements
Plan A: Plan A requires 23 major credits, 6 credits outside the major, and 10 thesis credits. The final exam is oral.
Plan B: Plan B requires 23 major credits and 9 credits outside the major. The final exam is oral. A capstone project is required.
Capstone Project:The Plan B project is a paper of publishable quality based on ESL master's coursework, coursework in another program, or personal interest. Two Plan B papers are required; one may be a Teaching Portfolio, prepared according to specific program guidelines.
This program may be completed with a minor.
Use of 4xxx courses towards program requirements is not permitted.
Language Requirement: Proficiency in one language not native to student.
A minimum GPA of 3.20 is required for students to remain in good standing.
At least 1 semesters must be completed before filing a Degree Program Form.
The M.A. program in ESL typically takes two years to complete. Plan A requires a thesis demonstrating original work in areas related to the field, familiarity with research methodology, and knowledge of the effective presentation of investigative study results. Plan B requires two qualifying papers, usually consisting of course papers that have been revised under the supervision of a faculty member. Plan A and Plan B students must complete 23 credits in required coursework (SLS 5401, 5402, 5721, 5722, 5724, 5805) and 6 credits of elective coursework in related fields. Plan A students must complete an additional 10 thesis credits for a total of 39 credits and Plan B students must complete an additional 3 credits in elective coursework for a total of 32 credits. Elective and related field courses must be chosen with the help of an adviser to ensure the relevance of courses to students' goals.
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