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Italian Studies Minor

French & Italian
College of Liberal Arts
  • Program Type: Undergraduate minor related to major
  • Requirements for this program are current for Spring 2012
  • Required credits in this minor: 16
The Italian studies undergraduate minor program examines Italian and Italian American literature, culture, society, and history.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Admission Requirements
Students must complete 4 courses before admission to the program.
Students must complete language study equivalent to four semesters (intermediate level) before beginning the minor.
For information about University of Minnesota admission requirements, visit the Office of Admissions website.
Minor Requirements
Students are required to complete 4 semester(s) of Italian. with a grade of C-, or better, or S, or demonstrate proficiency in the language(s) as defined by the department or college.
Minor Courses
With the approval of the Italian studies undergraduate adviser, courses taken through other departments (e.g., art history, English, history, music) may count toward the Italian studies minor when they pertain to Italian studies topics.
ITAL 3015 - Reading, Conversation, and Composition (4.0 cr)
Take 12 or more credit(s) from the following:
· ITAL 3xxx
· ITAL 4xxx
· ITAL 5xxx
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ITAL 3015 - Reading, Conversation, and Composition
Credits: 4.0 [max 4.0]
Typically offered: Every Fall & Spring
How can a society manage an aging population? What steps can be taken to promote integration and overcome differences? Is technology helping or hindering our interpersonal relationship? Is history doomed to repeat itself? CONGRATULATIONI! You are about to embark into a rewarding journey to further deepen your Italian experience while developing your critical thinking skills. This class will increase your appreciation of Italian culture through engagement with articles, short films and literary extracts (of authors such as Nobel's prize Dario Fo, Salgari, Buzzati and Ginzburg) on contemporary cultural topics ranging from social problems to the use and misuse of technology to the impact of historical events on people?s everyday lives. You will also have the opportunity to interact face to face online with Italian students to improve your language skills as well as expand your cultural knowledge while drawing comparisons and reflecting on the U.S. societal views of those topics. This intensive, intermediate course is designed for students who have passed Italian 1004 and have mastered basic Italian grammar. The course will include preparatory activities that are designed to encourage students to analyze grammatical points in question. prereq: 1004