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Chemistry Minor

College of Liberal Arts
  • Program Type: Undergraduate minor related to major
  • Requirements for this program are current for Spring 2015
  • Required credits in this minor: 15
Chemistry probes the fundamental concepts of nature and helps us understand the world around us. It deals with all substances at the molecular level: their composition, their properties, and how they are transformed into new substances. Chemistry is a central science of great importance to society. It provides a broad range of opportunities in many specialized fields, including biotechnology, polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials chemistry, and medicine.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Minor Requirements
Credits from seminars or special topics courses may not be applied toward the minor. A maximum of two credits of directed study may be applied. At least five credits (two courses) must be completed at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus. Students may complete no more than one degree in the Chemistry program: a B.A. or a B.S. or a minor.
Minor Courses
CHEM 2301 - Organic Chemistry I (3.0 cr)
CHEM 2302 - Organic Chemistry II (3.0 cr)
CHEM 2311 - Organic Lab (4.0 cr)
Take 5 or more credit(s) from the following:
· CHEM 2xxx
· CHEM 3xxx
· CHEM 4xxx
· CHEM 5xxx
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CHEM 2301 - Organic Chemistry I
Credits: 3.0 [max 3.0]
Course Equivalencies: 01929 - Chem 2301/Chem 2331H
Typically offered: Every Fall, Spring & Summer
Organic compounds, constitutions, configurations, conformations, reactions. Molecular structure. Chemical reactivity/properties. Spectroscopic characterization of organic molecules. prereq: C- or better in 1062/1066 or 1072H/1076H
CHEM 2302 - Organic Chemistry II
Credits: 3.0 [max 3.0]
Course Equivalencies: 01741 - Chem 2302/Chem 2304
Prerequisites: Grade of at least C- in 2301
Typically offered: Every Fall, Spring & Summer
Reactions, synthesis, and spectroscopic characterization of organic compounds, organic polymers, and biologically important classes of organic compounds such as lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids. prereq: Grade of at least C- in 2301
CHEM 2311 - Organic Lab
Credits: 4.0 [max 4.0]
Course Equivalencies: 02108
Typically offered: Every Fall, Spring & Summer
Laboratory techniques in synthesis, purification and characterization of organic compounds with an emphasis on green chemistry methodologies. prereq: Grade of at least C- in [2302] or [concurrent registration is required (or allowed) in 2302