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Dental Therapy B.S.

School of Dentistry - Adm
School of Dentistry
  • Students will no longer be accepted into this program after Summer 2015. Program requirements below are for current students only.
  • Students with an interest in Dental Therapy may pursue the Master in Dental Therapy Program
  • Program Type: Baccalaureate
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2019
  • Required credits to graduate with this degree: 129
  • Required credits within the major: 80 to 97
  • This program requires summer terms.
  • Part of the program includes clinical outreach experiences. Students will perform dental procedures on patients in community clinics affiliated with the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
The program blends a strong dental therapy education with the study of the biological, behavioral, and social sciences, as well as liberal arts. It provides didactic, laboratory, and clinical experiences required in assessment and treatment of specified dental procedures.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Admission Requirements
Students must complete 7 courses before admission to the program.
A GPA above 2.0 is preferred for the following:
  • 3.00 already admitted to the degree-granting college
  • 3.00 transferring from another University of Minnesota college
  • 3.00 transferring from outside the University
Personal interview.
For information about University of Minnesota admission requirements, visit the Office of Admissions website.
Required prerequisites
Biomedical Courses
Biomedical Courses
BIOC 2011 - Biochemistry for the Agricultural and Health Sciences (3.0 cr)
BIOL 1009 - General Biology [BIOL] (4.0 cr)
PSTL 1135 {Inactive} [BIOL] (4.0 cr)
PSY 1001 - Introduction to Psychology [SOCS] (4.0 cr)
STAT 1001 - Introduction to the Ideas of Statistics [MATH] (4.0 cr)
CHEM 1065 - Chemical Principles I Laboratory [PHYS] (1.0 cr)
CHEM 1061 - Chemical Principles I [PHYS] (3.0 cr)
General Requirements
All students in baccalaureate degree programs are required to complete general University and college requirements including writing and liberal education courses. For more information about University-wide requirements, see the liberal education requirements. Required courses for the major, minor or certificate in which a student receives a D grade (with or without plus or minus) do not count toward the major, minor or certificate (including transfer courses).
Program Requirements
Biomedical Courses
MICB 3303 - Biology of Microorganisms (3.0 cr)
PHSL 3051 - Human Physiology (4.0 cr)
or PHAR 3601 {Inactive} (3.0 cr)
Clinical Courses
DT 3110 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 3130 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3211 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3212 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3230 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3232 {Inactive} (0.0 cr)
DT 3250 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3331 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3332 {Inactive} (3.0 cr)
DT 3333 {Inactive} (3.0 cr)
DT 3334W {Inactive} [WI] (4.0 cr)
DT 3336 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 4337 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 4338W {Inactive} [WI] (3.0 cr)
DT 3430 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3431 {Inactive} (3.0 cr)
DT 3432 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3433 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3434 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 4140 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 4335 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 4241 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 4443 {Inactive} (4.0 cr)
DT 3210 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 3429 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 3330 {Inactive} (3.0 cr)
DT 3231 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 3471 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3435 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 4320 {Inactive} (4.0 cr)
DT 4141 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 3251 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
DT 4460 - Essentials of Clinical Care I For the Dental Therapist (3.0 cr)
DT 4965 - Essentials of Clinical Care for the Dental Therapist III (4.0 cr)
DT 3521 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 3410 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 4360 {Inactive} (1.0 cr)
DT 4361 {Inactive} (2.0 cr)
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Typically offered: Every Spring
Students provide comprehensive care under direction of clinical faculty. May include periodontics, operative, pediatric care, and health promotion. Limited care may be given on rotations to oral surgery clinics.
DT 4965 - Essentials of Clinical Care for the Dental Therapist III
Credits: 4.0 [max 8.0]
Grading Basis: S-N only
Typically offered: Every Summer
This course will continue to prepare DT4 dental therapy students in the dental therapy clinically related scope of patient care under the direction and supervision of experienced clinical faculty. This course will monitor and grade progression in clinics each semester. Evaluation will be based on feedback from dental therapy faculty, group leaders, and the Competency Review Board.