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Horticulture Minor

Horticultural Science
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
  • Program Type: Undergraduate minor related to major
  • Requirements for this program are current for Spring 2019
  • Required credits in this minor: 18
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Plants provide many practical and recreational benefits to society--whether it is the food we eat, the parks we play in, or the gardens we enjoy admiring. The horticulture minor is geared toward students who want to learn more about plants and their many, diverse uses in the landscape. Coursework is flexible and can easily be tailored to specific horticultural interests, including floriculture and nursery production, turfgrass science, landscape design and maintenance, fruit and vegetable production, sustainable and organic production practices, therapeutic horticulture, plant physiology, and genetics. Students wishing to complete a minor in horticulture should contact the Department of Horticultural Science, 305 Alderman Hall for assistance.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Minor Requirements
A minimum of 6 minor credits must be completed at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
Minor Course
HORT 1001 - Plant Propagation [BIOL] (4.0 cr)
Take a minimum of 14 credits. At least two HORT courses must be at the 4xxx or 5xxx level. A maximum of 3 credits of HORT 3090 Directed Studies may be applied.
Take at most 14 credit(s) from the following:
· HORT 1xxx
· HORT 2xxx
· HORT 3xxx
· HORT 3090 {Inactive} (1.0-3.0 cr)
· HORT 4xxx
· HORT 5xxx
· Take 0 - 4 credit(s) from the following:
· AGRO 1xxx
· AGRO 2xxx
· AGRO 3xxx
· AGRO 4xxx
· AGRO 5xxx
· BIOL 1xxx
· BIOL 2xxx
· BIOL 3xxx
· BIOL 4xxx
· BIOL 5xxx
· ENT 1xxx
· ENT 2xxx
· ENT 3xxx
· ENT 4xxx
· ENT 5xxx
· PLPA 1xxx
· PLPA 2xxx
· PLPA 3xxx
· PLPA 4xxx
· PLPA 5xxx
· SOIL 1xxx
· SOIL 2xxx
· SOIL 3xxx
· SOIL 4xxx
· SOIL 5xxx
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HORT 1001 - Plant Propagation (BIOL)
Credits: 4.0 [max 4.0]
Typically offered: Every Fall & Spring
Principles and techniques of propagating plants by seeds, cuttings, grafts, buds, layers, and division. Lectures on principles; labs on practice of various propagating techniques.