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Disability Policy and Services Certificate

Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development
College of Education and Human Development
  • Students will no longer be accepted into this program after Summer 2016. Program requirements below are for current students only.
  • Program Type: Undergraduate credit certificate
  • Requirements for this program are current for Fall 2019
  • Required credits to graduate with this degree: 12
  • Degree: Disability Policy and Services Certificate Ugrd
The undergraduate Certificate in Disability Policy and Services is designed to allow undergraduate students, as well as community professionals, to study policies and services that affect the lives of children, youth, and adults with disabilities. The 12-credit program surveys the spectrum of education, health, and social services available to individuals with disabilities and their families, and examines the public and private networks of disability services from an interdisciplinary perspective. The program's individualized learning experience requires students to integrate theory with practice by completing a disability-related research project or working directly with people with disabilities in settings such as schools, recreation centers, or human-service agencies.
Program Delivery
This program is available:
  • via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)
Admission Requirements
Students must complete 60 credits before admission to the program.
A GPA above 2.0 is preferred for the following:
  • 2.50 already admitted to the degree-granting college
  • 2.50 transferring from another University of Minnesota college
  • 2.50 transferring from outside the University
Admission is open to degree-seeking or non-degree seeking students who meet the following criteria: (1) Be an undergraduate-level student who has completed at least 60 undergraduate semester credits of coursework or equivalent; (2) Have a minimum 2.50 grade point average (GPA). Students must complete all program requirements within 5 years after admission, and must maintain a minimum 3.00 GPA. To stay in good standing, students must carry no more than 3 credits of incomplete coursework and must respond to an annual survey updating their current status in the program.
For information about University of Minnesota admission requirements, visit the Office of Admissions website.
General Requirements
All students in baccalaureate degree programs are required to complete general University and college requirements including writing and liberal education courses. For more information about University-wide requirements, see the liberal education requirements. Required courses for the major, minor or certificate in which a student receives a D grade (with or without plus or minus) do not count toward the major, minor or certificate (including transfer courses).
Program Requirements
The Certificate program has three required components: a three-credit interdisciplinary core course; six credits of specialized coursework; and an individualized learning experience (ILE) accompanied by six interdisciplinary reflection groups. Students are encouraged to work with their advisers and the ICI Certificate Coordinator to plan their programs. Coursework applied to the Certificate must be taken A-F.
Required Course
This course provides a broad overview of disability policy and services, and introduces students to philosophical approaches to service provision, the evolution of policies and services affecting people with disabilities, and contemporary approaches to providing services to people with disabilities throughout the life cycle.
OLPD 5356 - Disability Policy and Services (3.0 cr)
Specialized Coursework
This component broadens the student's level of knowledge in disability policies and services. Students must choose from courses offered across the University focusing on disability policy, disability services, and/or interdisciplinary teaming, such as communication disorders, family social science, kinesiology, nursing, public affairs, or social work. A list of more than 50 approved courses is available from the ICI Certificate Coordinator. Six credits required.
Individualized Learning Experience (3 cr/200 hours)
This component allows students to integrate and apply the information they have learned in coursework. Students work with the ICI Certificate Coordinator to design an individualized learning experience (ILE) in which they work with persons who have disabilities in settings like schools, recreation centers, health clinics, or human-service agencies. The ILE can be completed in one or two semesters, but must total at least 3 credits and at least 200 hours.
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OLPD 5356 - Disability Policy and Services
Credits: 3.0 [max 3.0]
Typically offered: Every Spring & Summer
Policy, research, and current practices related to education, health, and social services that support children, youth, and adults with special needs, and that support their families. Federal, state, and local perspectives.