University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus
MM 3305 - Advanced 3D Printing for Innovative Business Practices
Credits: 3.0 [max 3.0]
Grading Basis: A-F or Aud
Typically offered: Every Fall & Spring
Revolutionize your world with speed and creativity. Three-D printing and additive manufacturing are changing how we work and how manufacturing itself happens. In this course, you'll hone the ability to innovate and to lead others in discovery. The first half of the semester is spent learning how to use additive technology and the second half how it can be applied to real-world industries. By the end of the course, you'll use computer-aided design and the U of M's 3D printing lab to build your own solution to a problem. Join this community of forward-thinking makers and tap some of the most high-tech resources at the U. Prerequisites: None