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Graduation Planner
Helping students to choose, plan, and succeed

Launching in August 2007, Graduation Planner is a dynamic new Web-based planning tool for University of Minnesota students and their advisers.

With Graduation Planner, students will be able to access all current course information and program requirements in one easy-to-use program, creating customized plans that will help them stay on track for timely graduation. The tool will be useful for students who have declared their majors or minors, but it will also allow for detailed major exploration - with the ability to create numerous plans in a consistent format, students will be able to compare among and choose between different plans.

Graduation Planner also serves as an advising tool for advisers and a communications tool for advisers and students. Advisers will be able to view students' plans and comment on specific issues within the application, or request that students bring printed plans to appointments, making for more productive advising sessions. With course-selection issues tackled early and up front, advisers and students can have more time to discuss students' potential life and career paths.

The goal of the tool is to simplify the degree-planning process for students, providing them with clear expectations and allowing for focused and meaningful interaction with advisers. Graduation Planner is an exciting new tool that will help students achieve their goal-graduating in four years.

To see a preview of how Graduation Planner will work for students, take a look at this Quick Start Guide.