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College of Liberal Arts
AAAS 1101 - Introduction to Black Caribbean Studies (LE CAT6, LEIP CAT06)
(3.0 cr; A-F or Aud, spring, odd academic years)
Study of the peoples and cultures of the Black Caribbean; impact of colonization; the evolution, form and content of Black Caribbean cultures, societies and institutions. A survey of the socioeconomic and political development and transformation of the nation-states of the Black Caribbean. Cultural reproductions of Caribbean racial and ethnic identities. Survey of the Caribbean diaspora; Caribbean social and political thought. Relationship with the United States, Britain, and Canada. Inter-Caribbean geopolitical relationship.

AAAS 1102 - Introduction to Atlantic Slave Trade (CDIVERSITY, LE CAT7, LECD CAT07)
(3.0 cr; A-F or Aud, spring, even academic years)
Genesis of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, survey of the Middle Passage along with historical formations of the slave trade. Examination of roles of the European powers and African nations with the creation of slave communities, identities, and cultures in the new world the political economy of the slave trade. Analysis of cultural and historical legacies of slavery, the abolitionist movement, and resistance to the abolitionist movement including modern day forms of slavery.

AAAS 1103 - Introduction to Africa (GLOBAL PER)
(3.0 cr; =[EDUC 1103]; Prereq-Credit will not be granted if already received for AAAS 1100.; A-F or Aud, fall, summer, every year)
Examination of the histories, cultures, and peoples of Africa. Pre-colonization Africa societies. Colonial and postcolonial contacts with Europe. Brief survey of major social, cultural, economic, and political institutions of Africa and their roles in socioeconomic and political development. Issues facing contemporary African societies. Programs and policies to address Africa's problems. Africa and the world. Positioning Africa and its peoples in world affairs.

AAAS 1104 - Introduction to Black America (CDIVERSITY)
(3.0 cr; Prereq-credit will not be granted if already received for AAAS 1100; A-F or Aud, spring, every year)
Examination of black America in historical and contemporary periods to the post Obama era. African roots in the formation of black American society; genesis of slavery; impact of slavery on black America; contestation of slavery; black oppression; powerlessness and marginality. Black agitation for civil and economics rights; African American social, cultural, economic, and political thoughts; the persistency of structural racial inequities on blacks; closing the gap of inequality; future of black America.

AAAS 3000 - Kenyan Experience Abroad
(6.0 cr; Prereq-Consent from the UMD International Education Office.; A-F or Aud, summer, every year)
This course provides a critical study of Kenyan cultures and education. Taught on site in Kenyan, the course will richly enhance students' understanding of the social, economic, and political challenges influencing contemporary Kenya, from colonization to globalization. It will draw on education, folklores, women's lives, literature, ecoactivism, and ecocriticism in its attempt to promote diversity, global perspectives, and sustainability.

AAAS 3091 - Independent Study
(1.0 - 3.0 cr [max 3.0 cr]; Prereq-instructor consent; A-F only, fall, spring, summer, every year)
Independent research with a faculty member.
Effective: Spring 2016

AAAS 3201 - The African American Family
(3.0 cr; Prereq-minimum 60 credits; A-F or Aud, spring, every year)
This course is about the past and current structure of the African American family. It traces the development and formation of the African American family beginning from the period of slavery through emancipation, reconstruction, and the post-Obama modern era. The course will feature the patterns and trends in African American family formation, marriage, family life, single parenthood, issues affecting black children and youth, the roles of matriarchs, relationships between black men and women, and the impact of economic and political forces on urban and rural black family life. Attention is given to class and the socioeconomic dynamics of African American life, the rise of the black middle class, the persistence of the urban underclass and the implications for America. The negotiation of bi-racial and multiracial black family identities is stressed, including the current formation of African American diaspora families.

AAAS 3202 - African Story-Telling and Folklore
(3.0 cr; =[EDUC 3202]; A-F or Aud, fall, spring, every year)
This course is about the importance of story-telling and folklore in diverse African societies. It will examine the social context of the types, forms, and genres of story-telling in African societies and the folklores associated with story-telling. It traces the history of story-telling in African societies before and after colonization, the cultural expressions and meanings of folklore, uses and applications of story-telling and folklore, and the role of community in defining the boundaries of story-telling and folkloric culture.

AAAS 3203 - Rap & Hip Hop Music Cultures: A Sociological Perspective
(3.0 cr; A-F or Aud, fall, spring, summer, every year)
Music is a major institutional fabric of every social system. This course is about rap and hip hop musical forms. It seeks to bring a sociological perspective to elucidate the multiple genres of rap and hip hop musical genres; to show its growth and development; material and nonmaterial cultural features; and assess its overall impact on American and global musical cultures.

AAAS 3305 - African American Cinema
(3.0 cr; A-F or Aud, fall, every year)
This course will investigate how the imagery, poetics and politics of race have played out in the history of American film. Our focus will be African American cinema - which can be loosely defined as films written and/or directed by African Americans - but we will also consider the unique contours of its texts against the larger backdrop of Hollywood's representation of African Americans. In addition, we will explore the role of this medium in shaping social realities.

AAAS 3306 - Cities in Africa
(3.0 cr; Prereq-minimum 90 credits or instructor consent; A-F or Aud, spring, offered periodically)
This course is about Africa's burgeoning cities and metropolitan enclaves. The primary goal is to provide an understanding of the past and current factors leading to the growth in the sizes of African cities and an assessment of the consequences and sustainability of controlled and uncontrolled urbanization in Africa.

AAAS 3307 - African Migrations and Global Diasporas
(3.0 cr; Prereq-minimum 90 credits or instructor consent; A-F or Aud, fall, offered periodically)
This course is about the global African diaspora. It seeks to map the myriad of sociological processes undergirding the causes and consequences of the formation of African immigrant and diaspora communities in North America, Europe, the Caribbean region, and more recently, Asia. Focus is given to the formation of the cultural identities that are nurtured in these diaspora spaces and their outcomes for the host and migrant home societies.


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